Mobile RS57C Gasoline Ultra Low Flow Panel

The RS57C Gasoline Ultra Low Flow Panel was designed with customers in mind, who have to perform idle flow studies on returnless Gasoline engines in the range of 0.025 to 20kg/h. The concept is to use this panel as an add-on to existing flow measurement systems or fuel conditioning units.

An ultralow mass flowmeter is installed on a stand, which is located very close to the engine. This meter is feeding the engine with minimized enclosed fluid volume. This reduces the negative effect of fuel expansion or extraction at low flow measurements, which in turn produces more reproducible flow data.

An electronic pressure control with feedback assures a constant engine supply pressure and compensates for any pressure drop of the flow meter and other components.

The flow meter can be bypassed with an air-operated valve to allow the testing at higher flow rates.

A damping circuit eliminates the influence of pulsations from a following GDI pump.

A variety of data communication interfaces are available.

The mobility allows the use in different test cells.

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