Re-Sol New Product Release-RS379M-Wall-Mounted Compact Multi-Fuel System

Re-Sol is proud to introduce its new line of RS379M Multifuel Systems. These systems are designed to be simple, and very compact. The fuel components are meeting explosion proof requirements. With its stainless-steel wall-mounted enclosure, these systems are ideal for rough environments, such as end of line testing or quality audits. These systems can be […]

Mobile RS57C Gasoline Ultra Low Flow Panel

The RS57C Gasoline Ultra Low Flow Panel was designed with customers in mind, who have to perform idle flow studies on returnless Gasoline engines in the range of 0.025 to 20kg/h. The concept is to use this panel as an add-on to existing flow measurement systems or fuel conditioning units. An ultralow mass flowmeter is […]

Mobile High Flow System, Heavy Duty Applications

Mobile High Flow System for Heavy Duty Applications

Mobile High Flow Systems (RS481 ) for Heavy Duty Applications is now available in Measurement Ranges from 1 to 1400Lbs/h. Therefore the High Flow System can¬†supply Diesel and Biodiesel fuels to a flow rate up to 700kg/h. Two electrical heaters supply pre-heating and also engine supply heating. A Coriolis meter is measuring the fuel consumption. […]

RS955 Compact Mobile Semi-Automatic Calibration System

Re-Sol presents latest calibration system solutions

Re-Sol can be found at booth 11055 exhibiting two brand new and exciting products: the RS955 Series mobile automatic calibration system and the RS481 mobile high flow system for heavy-duty applications. The innovative RS955 is mobile and compact, and contains a fuel tank, boost pump and a NIST traceable master meter. It can be easily […]

New Product- Mobile GDI Pump Systems

Re-Sol is proud to introduce its new line of mobile GDI (Gasoline-Direct-Injection) pump system. The RS935-500 GDI System is designed to create engine supply pressures of up to 500 bars. The typical application is in engine research but could also be used in any powertrain application. The pump speed can be varied via a variable […]

LPG Fuel Flow (Liquefied Propane Gas)

Re-Sol, LLC introduces its new LPG Fuel Flow Measurement Panel. The system is used to measure fuel consumption of LPG in a liquid form between an outside storage tank and the engine. A Coriolis mass flow meter measures the mass flow rate in a variety of engineering units. Depending on the selected flow meter size […]

Automatic Fuel Flow Calibration

Re-Sol is proud to announce the new family of automatic mobile RS955 calibration carts for fuel flow measurement systems. This automatic fuel flow calibration system¬†is the next step in developing a broad portfolio of calibration devices. This very compact and mobile system contains a fuel tank, boost pump and a NIST traceable master meter. Stepper […]