RS955 Compact Mobile Semi-Automatic Calibration System

Re-Sol presents latest calibration system solutions

Re-Sol can be found at booth 11055 exhibiting two brand new and exciting products: the RS955 Series mobile automatic calibration system and the RS481 mobile high flow system for heavy-duty applications.

The innovative RS955 is mobile and compact, and contains a fuel tank, boost pump and a NIST traceable master meter. It can be easily interfaced with any computer or company network. Re-Sol president, Peter Kaub, says, “The user can preset the test conditions for the system and these will run automatically so he/she can do something different while the test is running; this usually takes as long as two hours.”

Meanwhile, the equally impressive RS481 high flow diesel measurement system goes up to 47kg per hour and has two meters and two pumps onboard for large diesel applications. It’s also very mobile, meaning it can be wheeled from one test cell to another.

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