LPG Fuel Flow (Liquefied Propane Gas)

Re-Sol, LLC introduces its new LPG Fuel Flow Measurement Panel. The system is used to measure fuel consumption of LPG in a liquid form between an outside storage tank and the engine. A Coriolis mass flow meter measures the mass flow rate in a variety of engineering units. Depending on the selected flow meter size a maximum flow rate of 250kg/h can be measured. Accuracies of +/-0.1%Rd can be achieved. The system is designed to handle a pressure of 2.3MPa, limited by safety relief valves. A safety shut-off valve with a fusible link isolates the system in case of fire. A downstream regulator reduces the pressure to the required engine pressure. An air operated valve can close the engine supply.
The system is designed to meet x-proof requirements (USA and Canada)